About Us

Divine Messenger (Formerly known as Destiny Guide) was established by A V Shastri, CMD. It was started with an approach of astrological ventures in the Internet world and endowed technology- expedition solutions to clients all over the world.

Dial199.com, one of the extremely ambient star portals of Divine Messenger Pvt Ltd. Today, it is the leading astrology portal in this universe and is partnered with nationally or internationally web and mobile based internet brands. Dial199.com houses over 13,000 pages of peerless content dealing with all areas of astrology and religion. Click here if you want to read more about Dial199.com

In the year 2009 Destiny Guide (now known as Divine Messenger Pvt Ltd,) various in the mobile VAS telecom and TV industry, becoming a prime telecom service provider, and working on large scale across all technical and media platforms. For its WAP, SMS, IVR and other online and live services, the organization has tied up with all the major telecom service providers / operators to provide content for distinct astrology services in services to ensure that there is a consonance in the content irrespective of any language.

It has partnered with all big telecom players including Vodafone, Airtel, Idea Cellular, Tata, Reliance, mobile on the collector side.

The present focus is on new technologies, all applications and 5G products, and a view to get into martial relationships and associate across the universe, to enhance the attendance of their various products.


Divine Messenger objective to become a market leader in the astrology content and new technology driven business world. With its innovative ideas and forward-looking perspective, the company will promote new thinking and create an expertise pool to contribute new business resources.

We intend to disseminate and continuously improve our business procedures to give the excellence of solutions to our all clients.