Chandra Astak | Chandrashekhara Ashtakam | Damaru | Adiyogi Chants | Sounds of Bhakti Sagar Hindi

Chandra Astak | Chandrashekhara Ashtakam | Damaru | Adiyogi Chants | Sounds of Bhakti Sagar Hindi #Bhaktibhajans

Chandrashekara Ashtakam is said to have been written by Sage Markandeya, an ancient Hindu Rishi who was saved by Chandrashekara or Lord Shiva from Lord of Death (Kala or Yama) at the age of 16 and blessed him to be 16 forever. In these verses, the sage seeks refuge in Chandrashekara, who is the destroyer of the various illusions and who is the personification of the three qualities and worshipped as the Lord of the Lords. “When he is by my side, what can the Lord of Death (Yama) do to me?”, asks Sage Markandeya.

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The study of NavGraha is made through the planetary influences in Horoscope . The weak graha indicate weak position of various aspects of life like health profession relationships and spiritual journey. The strong planets indicate good progress of the significations ruled by these planets. Some of the NavGraha that is Nine planets act as unfavorable planets for each individual. The influence of unfavorable malefic Graha on other Graha and bhavas houses causes loss to the significations of the houses or Graha. To ease various challenges in life caused by the influence of unfavorable  Graha - Graha Shanti measures are suggested. 

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