Shree Budha Kavacham | Powerful Mantra | Vedic Planetary Mantra | Bhakti Sagar Hindi

Shree Budha Kavacham | Powerful Mantra | Vedic Planetary Mantra | Bhakti Sagar Hindi

#Bhaktisagarhindi Budha (Mercury) Kavacham is in Sanskrit. It is from Brahmavaivartak Purana.Kashyapa is the rushi, Anushtup is chanda, Budha is Devata, and it is recited for Budha devata. To avoid troubles from Budha, this is to be recited.  

1. I bow to Budha, who has book in his hand, who has worn pitambar, who has worn a garland of yellow flowers. I request him to protect me.   

2. Let my loins be protected by Soumya. Let My head be protected by Budha. Let my eyes be protected by dyanamaya. Let my ears be protected by NishaPriya. 

3. Let my nose be protected by GandhaPriya. Let my tongue be protected by VidyaPradya. Let my throat be protected by Vidho Putra. Let my arms be protected by Pustaka Bhushana.

4. Let my breast be protected by Varanga. Let my heart be protected by RohiniSuta. Let my naval be protected by Suraradhyo. Let my middle part of the body be protected by Khageshwara. 

5. Let my knees be protected by Rohineya. Let Private parts of the body be protected by Akhil Prada. Let my feet be protected by Bodhana. Let all other parts of my body be protected by AkhilamVapu.

6. This Budha kavacham is very pious and make free from all sins. It cures all the diseases. It makes free from all type of sorrow, unhappiness.
7 It gives long life, good health, offspring, and all sorts of happiness. Reciting this kavacham or hearing it; makes person victorious.

Thus this Budha Kavacham as appeared in Brahmavaivartak Purana ends here.

Budha (Mercury) when not favorable in our horoscope then we may receive troubles by Budha. When Budha is in aspect of/or with Mangal, Rahu, Ketu, Harshal or retro or Static or in 6th, 8th or 12th house in the horoscope then Budha is unable to produce good results and bad mental health, Brain diseases, Losses in business, No education, No good friends, No happiness, No good earnings, No success in the life such type of bad results are seen. Hence this Kavacham is to be recited daily three times to be free from such troubles.

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